26/11 Stories of Strength by Indian Express

26/11 Stories of Strength by Indian Express

26/11 Stories of Strength

26/11 Stories of Strength by Indian Express

Through this book, 26/11 Stories of Strength, The Indian Express digs deep the ten years of reportage on Mumbai’s terror. Moreover, its survivors to find that single mothers have attended night school to get an education. Children who lost a parent have dared to dream big. Those who lost sons have learned to find new purpose in living.

Book Description

Book Title: 26/11 Stories of Strength

Author Name: Indian Express

One of the most beautiful and iconic wonders of Mumbai, the Taj, charred on the first night of the siege. It is long rebuilt, the bloodstains in the concourse of the railway terminus washed clean. There are still a few hundred people still bear the scars of 26/11. Many lost their loved ones in that worst-ever terror attack. The pain hasn’t dimmed even after a decade but survivors have grown in spirit and resilience.

Many have dug deep within to joust with anger, fear, the desire for retribution. And hearteningly, have emerged to tell stories of their triumph over senseless violence, through lives lived with honor and compassion.

About the Author

Indian Express is the flagship newspaper brand of the Express Group. Packed with news, knowledge, and information, Indian Express hits at the heart of the issue without any fear or favor. Read only by those who have their own unique points of view, its coverage is based on comprehensive analysis and fearless reporting.

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