Between You and Me Flight to Societal Moksha by Atul Khanna

Between You and Me Flight to Societal Moksha by Atul Khanna

Between You and Me

Book Description

Between You and Me is a conversation that makes the reader think about the much-needed changeover for the 21st century. Moreover, if you are looking for full version pdf of the book Between You and Me Flight to Societal Moksha by Atul Khanna. Just have a look at its review and scroll down to get its full version.

Book Title: Between You and Me Flight to Societal Moksha

Author Name: Atul Khanna

A young soul trapped in an old body.

A ticking clock slower than time.

Can this be the ironic destiny of 600 million bright and young Indians? Are we born free and yet trapped by our circumstances?

Why should we get up to act only when we are pushed to the corner? After all, a stitch in time saves nine. Could it be that the parameters of economics, administration, democracy, and social and political constitutions were all ideated and executed for another era? Will tinkering with these institutions help or are fresh ideas needed?

The Author: Atul Khanna

Atul Khanna is a risk-taking, self-taught entrepreneur who is connecting people, cultures, and technology, often ahead of its time. He has built enterprises in manufacturing, engineering, machine vision, life sciences.  Most noteworthy, now education by building an Indian-European knowledge corridor over the years.

Currently living a quiet, joyous life with his family and friends in Pune, India, and travels to Europe for work.

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