Changemakers Twenty Women Transforming Bollywood Behind the Scenes

Changemakers Twenty Women Transforming Bollywood Behind the Scenes


Changemakers by Gayatri Rangachari Shah and Mallika Kapur 

Changemakers is the composition of the story of twenty incredible women, many with no prior connections, who have carved successful careers despite significant challenges.

Book Description

Book Title: The Rule Breakers

Author Name: Gayatri Rangachari Shah and Mallika Kapur

Since the earliest days of Bollywood, females have played an essential part in its success. Yet it has taken more than half a century for women to assert their presence in significant numbers in Bollywood.

Today, Hindi cinema relies on a record number of women who work tirelessly, sometimes invisibly, to keep the world’s largest dream factory buzzing.

Some of them work away from the public gaze such as studio heads, producers, directors, make-up artists, stylists, scriptwriters, lyricists, editors, choreographers, stunt artists, set designers, and in the many other jobs that support the making of a movie.

Therefore, these women deserve to be applauded and their journeys acknowledged.

About the Authors

Gayatri Rangachari Shah is a journalist and columnist whose work has appeared in both national and international publications like the New York Times. She is a contributing editor at Vogue and Architectural Digest and India’s head at Tina Brown Live Media.

Adding further, she has a fortnightly column, ‘Flight of Fancy’, in The Hindu. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and two children.

Mallika Kapur is an international news journalist.  She has reported extensively on key economic, political, social and gender issues in India. Most noteworthy, covered some of Asia’s biggest breaking news stories for the network.

In the study, she attended Brown University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She resides in Hong Kong with her husband and two children.

Changemakers Twenty Women Transforming Bollywood Behind the Scenes

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