Kites in a Hurricane by Rishi Kapal

Kites in a Hurricane by Rishi Kapal

Kites in a Hurricane

Kites in a Hurricane by Rishi Kapal

The book Kites in a Hurricane is the distillation of about 500 business startups. It will help newer startups sail through the exciting yet difficult entrepreneurial course.

Kites in a Hurricane is a book that describes how several startups used technology and entrepreneurial systems in an innovative manner to solve the problems they faced day by day when aiming to build successful companies.

Book Title: Kites in a Hurricane Startups from Cradle to Fame
Author: Rishi Kapal

Startups, even the ones started by mature founders, required a lot of investment, both monetary and intellectual on their entrepreneurial journey. Even more, there are a million stories out there of successes and failures, of big and small startups, of one-of-a-kind and of every kind of startup.

However, one thing is common to all, the entrepreneurial journey is spotted with highs and lows, difficult decisions, roadblocks, perseverance and lots of advice.

No one understands this world better than Rishi Kapal who spends all his waking hours surrounded by startups. You will feel like an insider in the boardroom discussions and decisions of some of the successful startups.

About the Author:

Rishi Kapal, a Stanford LEADer, is currently the Global Strategist and CEO of EDUGILD Global Edtech Accelerator. His academic and entrepreneurial journey started in 2013. Initially as a teacher of Sales, IMC, and Entrepreneurship at leading management colleges.

Presently, Rishi holds a portfolio of more than 20 Edtech companies, invested in sweat equity as a business strategist and sales facilitator.

Kites in a Hurricane Startups from Cradle to Fame

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