The Best Mistakes of My Life by Sanjay Khan

The Best Mistakes of My Life

The Best Mistakes of My Life by Sanjay Khan

The Best Mistakes of My Life is the story of a star and a survivor who has rejuvenated himself with a better return each time life has thrown a curveball towards him.

Book Description

Book Title: The Best Mistakes of My Life

Author Name: Sanjay Khan

Sanjay Khan, who was once, deemed the most handsome man in the Bollywood industry.  Khan’s assignation with fame and eminence led him to many adventures across the world. Mostly, remembered for his performances in films like Ek Phool Do Mali and Abdullah as well as his portrayal of the great Tipu Sultan on television.

In this exclusive autobiography, he uncovers the details of his life full of action, excitement, drama, catastrophes and, above all, bravery. The book is written in a witty and engaging style. It speaks of his formative years, his relationships with family, friends and co-stars, his interactions with world leaders. Moreover, the stories behind his most remarkable films, and the fire on the set of The Sword of Tipu Sultan that almost killed him.

About the Author

SANJAY KHAN is an Indian Bollywood star, writer, director, and producer with a highly successful career in the motion picture industry. He play the role of a lead actor in over forty films, including Ek Phool Do Mali and Dhund.

Most Noteworthy, he was the poster boy of Bollywood and given the title of a Jubilee Star. He is the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award (2009) and many more for his directorial and acting ventures.

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